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2023 GCE Results Cameroon PDF Download

Are you anxiously awaiting the release of your 2023 GCE Results? The moment when your hard work and dedication are finally recognized can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. In this article, we will address your concerns and expectations by providing a clear and concise answer to the burning question: “When will the 2023 GCE Results be released?”


Here are a few questions we’ve been receiving from our readers over the past few weeks following the recently concluded 2023 GCE exams:

Has GCE results been released?

When will GCE be out?

How much is the registration fee for GCE in Cameroon?

How can I check my GCE result?

What is the percentage of GCE?

How can I check my GCE results online?

How do I contact the GCE Board?

How is the GCE graded in Cameroon?

What is the thing to do when the GCE is out?

What happens if my name did not appear on the GCE results list?

What are the specialties of the GCE exams in Cameroon?


These and many other prominent questions will be answered in the course of this well-researched and informed peace from the GCE Gateway Team. Just make sure you read till the end and free to reach out to us for any other concerns you may have. And don’t forget always check back for new updates. Let’s start with the main question of the day:

2023 GCE Results Cameroon PDF Download

2023 GCE Results Cameroon PDF Download

The GCE (General Certificate of Education) examination is a significant milestone in the academic journey of students. It holds great importance as it determines their future opportunities for higher education and career prospects. Understanding the timeline of GCE Results release is crucial in preparing for what lies ahead.

In previous years, the GCE Results were typically released within a specific timeframe, allowing students to plan their next steps accordingly.

When will the 2023 GCE results Cameroon PDF be released?

We understand that the release date of the GCE Results can cause a significant amount of anxiety and anticipation for students, parents, and educators alike. The timely announcement of results holds immense importance as it affects future academic or career plans.

The determination of the GCE Results release date is influenced by several factors. The exam administration process, result compilation, and quality assurance measures are essential components that contribute to the timeline. Occasionally, unforeseen challenges or delays may arise, impacting the release schedule.

When will GCE be out?

Based on historical patterns and reliable information, our estimate for the release of the 2023 GCE Results is tentatively scheduled between Monday, the 14th of August, and Monday, the 21st of August. However, it is important to note that this estimated date is subject to change and may vary depending on the examining body (the Cameroon GCE Board).

Additional Resources and Support

To stay informed and up-to-date with the latest information, we recommend saving our website link and visiting it regularly or the examining board’s official website responsible for the GCE administration. These sources will provide you with the most accurate and reliable information regarding the release of the GCE Results.

While waiting for the results, it is essential to manage your expectations and anxieties. Utilize the resources available to seek support from your educational institution, friends, or family. Remember, patience is key during this waiting period.

2023 GCE Results Cameroon PDF Download

What is the percentage for the GCE this year?

Given that the 2023 GCE results are not yet released, we’ll provide the percentage of the GCE results 2022.

To calculate the percentage of the 2022 GCE Results, a comprehensive methodology was employed. The data was sourced from official sources, such as the Ministry of Education and examination board, and the Cameroon GCE board.

The overall percentage of the 2022 GCE Results in Cameroon is presented as follows:

A release signed by the Minister of Secondary Education, Prof. Nalova Lyonga outlined all the details and statistics ,of this year’s examinations.

  • In the GCE Ordinary Level, 96, 932 students registered for the exams while 84,497. among those who sat, 56,621 passed while 27,876 failed for a percentage of 67,01 percent passed against 59,05 percent in 2021. There is thus a 7,96 percent difference between results of 2022 and 2021.
  • For the GCE Advanced Level, 62,511 candidates registered while 61,553 sat and 42,762 candidates passed as against 18,791 candidtates who failed. This makes up a percentage passed of 69,47 percent against 61,81 percent in 2021 for a difference of 7,65 percent.
  • In the TVEE Intermediate Level, 14,194 candidates registered while 13,425 sat for the exams and 8,883 passed against 4,542 who failed for a percentage pass of 66,17 percent. This shows an increase in the percentage passed which stood at 58,71 for a difference of 7,39.
  • The TVEE Advanced level saw 8,625 registered this year while 8,502 candidates sat for the exams. The number of candidates passed this year stands at 6,659 against 1,843 candidates who failed making a percentage pass of 78,32 percent this year against 71,35 percent in 2021. There is a percentage difference of plus 6,96 percent from last year.
  • Globally, 182,265 candidates registered for this year’s examination while 167,977 candidates sat and 114,925 passed and 53,053 failed for a total percentage passed of 70,2 percent in 2022 against 62,75 percent in 2021. There is a percentage difference from 2021 to 2022 of plus 7,49 percent.

Statistics this year thus show an improvement in the results which prompted the Minister of Secondary Education, Prof. Nalova Lyonga to congratulate all stakeholders for a hitch-free examination.

How much is the registration fee for GCE in Cameroon?

The registration fee for the GCE examination for the year 2023 was released by the Ministry of secondary education through the Cameroon GCE board on the 11th of October 2021 in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. The 3rd point on the document outlines the GCE registration fees as follows:

Examination Fees

Three types of examination fees are payable, namely: Registration Fee, Subject Fee and Practical Fee.

All fees must be paid ONLY through MTN Cameroon Mobile Money. Do not pay your money to any other person. The 1000 FCFA for franking of Form G3/T3) shall be paid ONLY to the Chief of Centre.

Ordinary Level EntryAdvanced Level Entry
Registration Fee:8,000 FCFA9,000 FCFA
Subject Fee:1,000 FCFA per subject2,000 FCFA per subject
Practical Fee:5,000 FCFA per subject5,000 FCFA per subject

1000FCFA for franking of Form G3/T3 as per (Ministerial letter N000005452/MINFI/ SG/DGIof 19th August, 2020).”

Click here to see the complete requirements for GCE registration.


In conclusion, the release of the 2023 GCE Results is a significant event that raises both excitement and apprehension. While we have provided an estimated release date based on historical patterns, it is crucial to refer to official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information. By staying informed and managing your expectations, you can navigate this waiting period with confidence.

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