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How to renew your expired passport in Cameroon

Your passport is an essential travel document that allows you to explore the world. However, passports have an expiration date, and it is crucial to renew them in a timely manner. If you are a citizen of Cameroon and your passport has expired or is nearing its expiration date, this guide will provide you with the necessary steps to renew it hassle-free.

Step 1: Check the Expiration Date Before beginning the renewal process, check the expiration date of your passport. It is recommended to start the renewal process at least six months before your passport expires. This allows ample time for processing and avoids any last-minute complications.

Step 2: Gather the Required Documents To renew your passport in Cameroon, you will need to gather the following documents:

  1. Expired passport: Provide the original expired passport.
  2. National Identity Card (CNI): Present your original CNI along with a photocopy.
  3. Proof of nationality: If your expired passport does not serve as sufficient proof of nationality, provide any document that verifies your Cameroonian citizenship.
  4. Proof of address: Submit a recent utility bill, tenancy agreement, or any other document that verifies your current address.
  5. Passport application form: Obtain the passport renewal application form from the nearest passport office or download it from the official website of the Ministry of External Relations of Cameroon. Fill in the form accurately, ensuring all information is correct.

Step 3: Pay the Renewal Fee Once you have gathered the necessary documents and completed the application form, you will need to pay the renewal fee. The fee may vary depending on the type of passport you are renewing. Visit the nearest passport office or check the official website for the current fee structure. Ensure that you obtain a receipt as proof of payment.

Step 4: Submit Your Application With all the required documents and the completed application form, visit the nearest passport office to submit your application. Present your documents to the designated personnel, who will verify them for accuracy and completeness. They will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Step 5: Schedule an Appointment for Biometric Data Capture After submitting your application, you will need to schedule an appointment for biometric data capture. This includes taking your photograph, fingerprints, and signature. The passport office will provide you with the necessary information regarding the date, time, and location of the appointment.

Step 6: Collect Your Renewed Passport Once the biometric data capture is complete, your renewed passport will undergo processing. The processing time may vary, but generally, it takes around 2-3 weeks. You will receive a notification to collect your renewed passport from the passport office. Remember to bring the receipt you received during the application process for easy identification.

How to renew your expired passport in Cameroon

How to renew your expired passport in Cameroon

Renewing an expired passport in Cameroon is a straightforward process if you follow the necessary steps. Check the expiration date, gather the required documents, complete the application form accurately, pay the renewal fee, submit your application, schedule an appointment for biometric data capture, and finally, collect your renewed passport. By renewing your passport on time, you ensure uninterrupted travel and exploration. Bon voyage!

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